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Find runs of events within a match. Typically, this function would be passed a subset of plays(x), such as rows corresponding to serves. Runs that are terminated by the end of a set are not assigned a run_length.


find_runs(x, idvars = "team", within_set = TRUE)



data.frame: a subset of the plays component of a datavolley object, as returned by dv_read()


character: string or character vector of variabe names to use to identify the entity doing the events


logical: only consider runs within a single set? If FALSE, runs that span sets will be treated as a single run


A data.frame the same number of rows as x, and with columns run_id (the identifier of the run to which each row belongs), run_length (the length of the run), and run_position (the position of this row in its associated run).

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if (FALSE) {
## find runs of serves
x <- dv_read(dv_example_file(), insert_technical_timeouts = FALSE)
serve_idx <- find_serves(plays(x))
serve_run_info <- find_runs(plays(x)[serve_idx,])
## distribution of serve run lengths